7 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2019

7 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2019

Best Gaming Keyboards

About Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are mostly used by gamers designed for the best gaming experience for users. Professional gamers do not prefer normal to play games because normal keyboards are mainly used for typing up works or using social media. Using keyboards made especially for gaming will help you to be on the top of your game. There are a lot of beautiful design gaming keyboards which come with gamer’s friendly features.

Gaming can be done on basic keyboards but gaming keyboard (Mechanical) is required for the best gameplay.

These keyboards can work great for both advanced-level gamers and beginners also.

There are two types of gaming keyboards:

  • Mechanical
  • Membrane

Gaming keyboards come with mechanical & membrane keys and it’s up to the users which one they prefer or like to use. Keycaps on mechanical keyboards are removable and keyboard can be cleaned easily and these keys require less force for tap and are good for lag-free gaming as they have a quick response time and is loved by most gamers.

Membrane keyboards are of two types:

  • Flat key design – This design is the same as the keys design used on a microwave oven.
  • Dome switch keyboardKeys are printed on the small dome type buttons

Keycaps on the membrane are usually not removable keyboards require a little higher force than mechanical keyboards and response time is a bit slow here

Gaming keyboards also come with nice backlighting, you can set a group of keys for different backlight colors and also there are different backlight colors which represent different mechanical keys.

Different colored keys require different force to be applied for activation. And different color keys represent different pressure to be applied to work or depression level (just how much down the key will be pushed to register).

It all depends on the preference of the users.

For example, A user will choose a keyboard with membrane keys if he/she wants to use it for both gaming and typing and other normal works.

And for those who will use their keyboard mostly for gaming then keyboard with mechanical keys will be a great choice as they get activated with lightweight & there is less depression level required.

Here are some common questions asked by people about Gaming Keyboards (Mechanical keyboard).

1. Why are gaming keyboards so expensive?

Nowadays a basic gaming keyboard price starts at $70. Gaming keyboards are mostly known for their fast response and tactile feedback.

Membrane keyboards work good but still, a lot of people say mechanical keyboards are superior in every aspect but they are not necessary.

The reason gaming keyboards are so expensive might be because they have an attractive backlight and have a faster response time.

Gaming keyboards won’t make you the best gamer but will definitely give you an enjoyable gaming experience.

2. Does a gaming keyboard make a difference?

No, they don’t make a lot of difference until and unless you are a hardcore gamer and want some extra keys for the benefit in your gaming.

Gaming keyboards are nothing more useful than backlight and built-in macros and as mentioned above they have some extra keys for better gaming.

3. what gaming keyboards are compatible with Xbox one?

Many gaming keyboards and mouse of ‘Corsair’ support Xbox one. And, also Microsoft announced in November 2018 keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One.

4. Which is good wireless gaming keyboard or wired?

Normal wireless keyboards are preferred when it’s about normal office work because less precision and speed is required there and also the wireless keyboard is good for normal use because there is no problem of tangled cables & is good for desk having limited space.

But, when it comes to gaming most gamers prefer wired keyboard because there is speed, precision, and lagging issues in wireless keyboards. Wired keyboards are more responsive and have advantages for gamers. There are no issues of unresponsiveness and lagging in keyboards with wire. One more good thing about the wired keyboard is that you don’t have to change batteries like wireless keyboards and no one likes to change batteries while they are gaming.


7 Best gaming keyboards review

There is a wide range of gaming keyboards out there to choose from, so people get confused while choosing the one that fits best for them.

 Searching for the best ‘Gaming Keyboards’ to buy, here we have listed some for you.

ProductSwitchBacklightingInterfaceProgrammable Keys Price
Corsair K95 RGB PlatinumMechanical Cherry MX Speed, Media ControlsRGBWiredYes
HyperX Alloy EliteMechanical Cherry MX Brown, Blue, Red, & Media ControlsRedWiredNo
Logitech G513Mechanical, Roamer G Tactile/LinearPer-Key RGB WiredF1 - F12
Corsair K63 WirelessMechanical Cherry MX RedPer-Key Blue BacklightingWirelessYes
Razer Huntsman EliteRazer’s Opto-Mechanical Switches, Multi-Functional Digital Dial & Media KeysPer-Key RGB BacklightingWiredFully Programmable
Roccat Vulcan 100 AIMOMechanical Brown, Roccat Titan Switch TactileRGB BacklightingWiredAll
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Low ProfileCherry MX Speed, Media ControlsRGB BacklightingWiredYes


There are lots of Gaming keyboards available online in terms of build quality, lag-free gaming, and price, So, buyers get confused while choosing the best gaming keyboard for them.

Read this article to choose the best Keyboard for you.

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

This mechanical keyboard is very responsive and fast. K95 comes with dedicated 8MB of memory for storing profiles. The keyboard comes with RGB backlighting and 16.8 million colors are supported.
Best Gaming Keyboards


Wrist rest of k95 is detachable which every gamer likes and the wrist pad attaches magnetically. Wrist pad has two contrasting textures: One side is rough and one side is smooth. The body is made of aluminum which makes it suitable for travel also. K95 is a big keyboard and requires bigger clean space to place it comfortably. K95 Platinum is full of features, there are dedicated media controls & for WASD keys there’s an extra set of textured keycaps.

icon-plus-circle Great build quality
icon-plus-circle Dedicated media controls
icon-plus-circle Responsive and smooth keys
icon-minus-circle Very expensive
icon-minus-circle The keyboard is enormous

2. HyperX Alloy Elite

This keyboard with its solidly built body and solid steel frame can handle a lot of abuse as compared to other gaming keyboards in the same range.
Best Gaming Keyboards


HyperX alloy elite is the Ferrari of gaming keyboards as this beast is full of features. Keys are very responsive with lightning-fast response time. There are no programmable keys because of a lack of software. Also, there are 3 Cherry switch options to choose from and these are Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue.

And, if you want to use mainly for gaming purpose then Red and Brown will work great for you because Blue requires a little bit more force than others. An extra set of Titanium colored key caps come with the keyboard for WASD and first four number keys.

Wrist rest is detachable and comfortable it is covered with a soft-touch coating. Alloy Elite has a red LED light bar between the media buttons and standard keys. Yes, this keyboard also has dedicated media controls above the LED bar. Also, the media buttons are large with play/pause, skipping forward and backward, and mute controls.

Full of features
icon-plus-circle Media controls & volume dial
icon-minus-circle Only Red backlight (No RGB)
icon-minus-circle No dedicated macros

3. Logitech G513

G-513 a minimalist keyboard it comes with a sleek and elegant design. Many gamers didn’t like the Roamer-G keyboard switch which Logitech gave in their earlier models of gaming keyboards but now there are options to choose from i.e., the original Roamer-G tactile switch and the new and smooth Roamer-G Linear switch.
Best Gaming Keyboards


There are two versions of G513 and they are Silver, and Carbon, in carbon version you’ve three choices the Roamer-G tactile, Roamer-G linear, and GX blue, on the other hand, the silver version only has Roamer-G switches.

The G513 is same as the G413 the only difference is that is G513 has wrist rest, the wrist rest is large and comfortable and is totally padded rather than being framed by plastic. The G513 has solid aluminum alloy body to bear the hardest falls. Also, there is per-key RGB with that you can customize the backlighting individually for keys on board. The only thing I didn’t like about this keyboard is that it lacks dedicated media controls, but F1-F12 are customizable function keys to fill the gap.

icon-plus-circle Choice of Tactile and Linear switch types
icon-plus-circle Big palm rest
icon-plus-circle Per-Key RGB keys
Sturdy, and attractive design
icon-minus-circle No dedicated media controls
icon-minus-circle Limited programmable keys

4. Corsair K63 Wireless

Best for the couch-side gaming

There is also a wired version of corsair k63 and its wireless version is totally the same as the wired k63. No features were sacrificed to remove to ditch the cable for comfortable wireless gaming. It is a second wireless gaming keyboard from Corsair and also first with backlighting.
Best Gaming Keyboards


You can pair this with a USB dongle and there is a connection of 2.4 GHz with this there is also Bluetooth connection and it is stable but believe anyone will most probably use 2.4 GHz connection for lag-free gaming. USB stick is small but there is no housing for it in k63 so you’ll have to keep it carefully after the use so, it does not get lost but if you’re the one like the most who plug USB stick in the PC and leave it there plugged forever then there is no problem for you.

Design of k63 is clean and modern. The k63 has ice blue backlighting but still, it is good because most manufacturers discard backlighting in wireless keyboards for extended battery life. There are power switch and USB charging port on the back.

Corsair claims the battery life is 75 hours with the backlight turned off, K63 can last for up to 10 hours with lights at full brightness and 25 hours with medium brightness. This keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Red keys, dedicated media controls on the top and, for those who would like to use it on the desk, there is a detachable rubber wrist rest. Best for couch-side PC experience as K63 is also attachable with corsair Lapboard. Sturdy Material for long life.

icon-plus-circle Aircraft-grade brushed aluminum frame
icon-plus-circle Media controls
Great wireless connection
Single color backlit, Cherry MX keyboard
icon-minus-circle Short battery life with backlight on
icon-minus-circle Flimsy Wrist rest
No USB dongle housing

5. Razer Huntsman Elite

You’ll find Opto-Mechanical switches only in the Razer huntsman keyboards and the switches are almost same as Cherry MX blue switches and actuation is instant in optomechanical switches. These switches are as durable as standard mechanical switches with up to 100 million keystrokes.
Best Gaming Keyboards


The force required by these tactile switches for actuation is 1.5mm and 45g and are good for typing work also. Razer’s Opto-mechanical switches are one of best switches available for the keyboard.

The Huntsman elite has detachable comfy leatherette magnetic wrist rest with memory foam. There is a multi-functional digital dial on the upper right side of the keyboard through which you can adjust brightness, PC’s volume and more. And on the left side of the dial, there are dedicated media buttons also, there is little storage on the keyboard with which you can save your preferences to a profile which you can access anywhere. 16.8 million color options are available and that also you can adjust with the dial on top of the keyboard.

 Per-key RGB Backlighting
icon-plus-circle Cozy wrist rest
icon-plus-circle Switches with instant actuation
Multi-functional digital dial
icon-minus-circle No dedicated macros or USB passthrough
icon-minus-circle Expensive

6. Roccat Vulcan 100 AIMO

Just like the Razer’s Opto-Mechanical switches Vulcan 100 also has its unique switch type that is Mechanical crisp brown, tactile Roccat Titan Switches. These switches feel like the mix of Brown and blue switches that are noisy.
Best Gaming Keyboards


Also, the Roccat Titan switches are 20% faster than any mechanical keys in the market and actuation point of the Titan switches are 1.8mm. Also, the Titan switches are spill-proof and dust resistant. Two Board colors are available in Vulcan 100 you can choose the one you like

Vulcan has a unique skeletal design and is sturdy and durable. Keys look like they are coming out of the board which users expect to be covered. Keys are of small size and are well-spaced too that helps you to clean the keyboard easily without frustration and it also helps in good typing. There is no space in the keyboard for the debris to go in. This keyboard is the easiest to clean than any other keyboard in the market. Vulcan 100 also has fold-out stands on the backside.

There are volume controls on the top right corner and a twist dial for the quick volume up and down.

Talking about the lighting of the keyboard you have the option of 16.8 million colors to choose from. AIMO is an intelligent lighting system in Vulcan 100, it reacts on how the keyboard is used as if you hold a key down colors will spread to the rest of the keys around that key.

Vulcan 100 AIMO comes with a lot of lighting effects like breathing 2.0, heartbeat 2.0, snake effect, fully lit, a fade fx (individual key illuminates on the press), and ripple FX (moving lights). You can download a software named Swarm software with this you can set the color of individual key manually you can also remap any key as you like. Also, you can set up profiles and effects for every key for different games you like to play.

Overall Vulcan 100 is a great gaming keyboard with a neat design and amazing lighting system and keyboard is good for both daily works on PC and gaming.

icon-plus-circle Amazing lighting effects
icon-plus-circle Very easy to clean
Appealing design
Amazing software for great customizations
icon-minus-circle Too Noisy
icon-minus-circle No macro keys

7. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile

As the name goes Low Profile this K70 keyboard from Corsair has new key technology instead of those regular mechanical switches but still as good mechanical. This keyboard has Low Profile keys that are both shorter and quieter.
Best Gaming Keyboards


There are 8 versions offered by Corsair of K70 keyboards. Two of the K70 are low profile switches: Cherry MX speed switches of Rapidfire RGB MK.2 Low Profile and the MX speed switches have actuation point of 1mm.

And the other 5 K70’s keyboard comes with full-sized keys and 3 of these 5 have Cherry MX Black, Red, and Blue switches that are normal mechanical switches. You can also get full-height Cherry MX speed switches in K70 models they are rapid-fire but not low profile. And, the last one is K70 full height that uses Cherry MX silent switch for reduced noise. There are plenty of K70 models from which you can choose the best one for you.

K70 MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile switches are faster and have quick response time than some mechanical keyboards. Cherry MX speed switches have actuation distance of 1mm which is 0.2mm less than Cherry MX Low Profile Red switches and also Cherry MX speed switches of full height. The total travel distance of the low-profile Cherry MX speed switches is 3.2mm. Full-size speed switches and most of the Cherry MX switches have a travel distance of 4mm.

Like the Cherry MX Red switches Speed switches require an operating force of 45g, Keypress is very nice and smooth. The small distance that the switches have to travel makes typing faster.

Design of K70 Rapidfire low profile is a slim-line-design which is very attractive and build quality is very good and sturdy and it has an aircraft grade aluminum frame which can handle the punishment. In the box, there are two sets of textured keycaps and key-removal tool.

Rapidfire low profile K70 is a standard K70 which means there is a set of dedicated media controls and a volume dial on the top right corner. Also, it has a wrist rest which is detachable but it is too flimsy. Also, there are buttons on the left to deactivate windows key.

Illumination of this keyboard is controlled with iCUE software. You can set the lighting of every key individually and, also it has around 2 dozen of predetermined illumination effects. You can customize the lighting as you want. With the iCUE, you can save different profiles for individual games.

icon-plus-circle Excellent build quality
icon-plus-circle Good features
Fast typing and quick response
Nice design
icon-minus-circle Delicate wrist rest
icon-minus-circle Slow USB 2.0 port


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For those willing to spend some extra money and looking for a keyboard packed with features and amazing design then ‘Corsair K95 RGB Platinum’ is one of the best gaming keyboards to buy and those like gaming from couch can buy a ‘Corsair K63’ and it is also wireless good for those who don’t want to sit in front of the desktop table. ‘HyperX Alloy Elite’ is affordable and good in terms of features for those who do not want to spend too much on a gaming keyboard.








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